The Artemis7 Head and Phenom7 Pocket
The Hold Revolution Has Begun

The Phenom7 is the highest and deepest  pocket in the game, allowing for stronger dodges, faster shots, and
shots from more extreme angles.  The softness of the pocket makes it easier to catch, while the Triple-Wide
Scoop effectively triples the angles you can approach ground balls from.
The Electra7 Ti-Scan
grams, the lightest 31.5
inch shaft in the game.

The Electra7 comes in
Zebra, Black, and Red,
and is made of Scandium
infused 7075 alloy,
intended to last your
entire career.
We offer a six-month
replacement warranty   
on all of our purchased
products. The warranty
covers breakage during
normal game play.  If
you break a shaft or
head, contact us at:
rob@tribe7lax.com and
we'll arrange a speedy
Priority Mail
2-3 Day Delivery
Shipping is free on
all items.

We ship to Canada
for free too, but
Option Here:
All Shipping
Costs Included
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If you don't love your
stick, or shaft, for a full
refund.  Satisfaction?
"I love the stick."
NCAA Head Coach

Our new, composite,  come
in a White,  Blue, and Zebra
Logo styles, and do not
need an adapter.

The 31.5 inch smooth
composite shaft has a full
sized grip, providing more
surface area to lock you
fingers around, diminishing
the effects of checks.
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The Artemis7 In Action
I LOVE my stick. Since I started to
use my stick my shot is more
percentage is up.
NCAA Player
The stick is AWESOME!!!!!
Best stick ever!
After 9 Goals and 8 assists in her
first two college games with an
"'A Ground Ball Machine"
Proud Dad
In 2010, The #1 and #2
Scorers in New York
State's Section 9 played
with Artemis7's.
The Phenom7 Pocket has 5 Color Zones to Customize Your Pocket
1. Outer Runners
3. Outer X Strings
4.  Mid X String
5. Center X String
2. Inner Runners
Welcome to Tribe7's
Women's Lax Store
Where Phenomenal is Normal.  
The Artemis7 is approved for NCAA play.
Shaft Alert
We just got our new Carbon7SL's in.  They are Super-Light,  have a mid-sized grip,  and they look Fabulous.   
Team USA knows a better pocket when they see, borrow, and score behind the back in upper corners.
The Phenom7 Pocket is fully customizable, where you pick all the string colors.