Frosty the Snow-Poled Man
We offer a six-month covers breakage during
replacement warranty   normal game play.  If you break
a shaft or head, contact us at: and
we'll arrange a speedy replacement.
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Titanium enhanced 7075 Alloy.  
The SP refers to 'Score Please?'
our favorite trash talk response.
The Element7 Ti-Scan 30 inch Attack/Middie Shaft is 138 grams of Titanium enhanced 7075 alloy infused with Scandium.
It's noticeably light, and very strong, suitable for all levels of competitive play.   
Element7 Ti-Scan Attack/Middie Shaft:  Best on Planet
7075 Shaft Note: At 163 grams, the SP is very  light, the trade-off being that it
has thin in 'ding!"
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Thundershaft SP 7075 Attack/Middie Shaft
Carbon7 Attack/Middie Shaft
The Carbon7's are strong, and have some flex that adds primary competitive they look
great.  The Look good,  Feel good, Kick some Butt Rule in effect.  They come in Zebra, Neon
Green,  Blue, or White (logos
Element7 Ti-Scan Defensive Shaft:  Ditto
Lacrosse.  It's super light, and super strong,
available, to find that perfect balance
between weight and strength.  A 42" shaft is
available for U-11.