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A Gamebreaker: The High-Ball Pocket and You
"There's a force in the universe that makes things happen,  all you
have to do is get in touch with it. Stop thinking...let things
happen...and be...the ball."   Ty Webb in Caddyshack
Ghost7 Gloves
Option Here:
Liberty....and/or Gloves
The Ghost7 Gloves
Better Feel=More Glory
The Ghost7 Gloves are all about Feel.  From Two Different Perspectives:  

The first is from a protective viewpoint,  as in...."I do not want to feel a check."  Thus the Battle Tank like outer glove, with it's
reactive High Density foam overlaid with Polycarbonate Plates.  We also studied hand movement, and structure,  in order to place
the gloves seams and flex points where they naturally occur,  allowing for full flexibility.

The second viewpoint is the opposite, as in...." I want to feel my shaft like I have no palms in my gloves."  Thus the low thread count
fabric on the  palm and fingers.  This upgrades the tactile factor, which is another way to say that it feels better.   The mesh also
makes the gloves more breathable than most,  such that they don't become hand ovens in the summertime.  We experimented
with some vents on the outer gloves,  but found that they had negligible effect on cooling,  and were not flexible.  

These two perspectives merge into what our Design Team of coaches, players, engineers, and materials experts describe as the
Perfect Glove.

A glove that you barely know you are wearing.   A glove that,  like the definition of a Ghost,  goes "unnoticed."
no gaps for checks to sneak through.