All MFL Mesh is White.  The 'Color'
Choice is the String colors.
Please Note that Gloves are $40.00
when added to Complete Sticks.
"If I were real,
and played lax,
this is the stick
I would use"
Gandalf the Grey

'Agree, I totally

"I will be using it
in my next life"
The Highlander

"Who are you
Optimus Prime
We offer a six-month
replacement warranty  on
all of our purchased
products. The warranty
covers breakage during
normal game play.  If you
break a shaft or head,
contact us at:
and we'll arrange a
speedy replacement.
First Class and Priority
Mail=2-5 Day Delivery.
Shipping is free on all
items. Orders usually
ship within 24 hours.  
PayPal Option Available
in Shopping Cart
Rule The Field
From End-Line to End Line

"The Sceptre7 is
everything advertised.  
Stiff, light, smooth, and
Nasty with the MFL
Hi-Ball.  Best one yet!!!!"
Scot Haynes

It's Good to Be King!
Mel Brooks
100% Waterproof MFL Regular Pocket
The Sceptre7 is for
dominating face-offs at
Midfield, snapping shafts
on Defense, and firing up
hat-tricks on Attack.
Waterproof Hi-Ball Pocket
Flex: Very Stiff
Weight: 3.95 oz. Superlight
Durability: Super Strong
International Shippimg:
A $12.00 surcharge is
automatically added in
the shopping cart
Sceptre7 In Action!

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