Bonus Coverage: The Code of Optimus

Valor-Valor is not a lack of fear, but the courage to face fear.  

Truth-Seek the truth whenever possible.  Lying is an admission of fear, and the truth, while not always pretty, is
forever ‘beautiful.’ (thanks Keats!)

Loyalty-Remain loyal to your people and your precepts,  ever honoring and defending them, never forsaking them.  

Respect-Strive to not only tolerate,  but to respect the sanctity of other’s beliefs.  The best way to get respect  is to
give it.

Purpose- Life is a gift,  and those who grab an oar on the good ship humanity give it the noblest of meanings.  

Defense-Defend those who depend on you, as well as those who cannot defend themselves.

Humility-Let your deeds speak for themselves.  Do not seek recognition,  but act as an example.

Charity-Be generous so far as you can be,  so that the community might prosper.  

Good Cheer-Strive to courteously enliven the spirits of all you encounter.

Prowess-Work for excellence in all endeavors.

Justice-Serve the cause of justice, and remember that forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.  

Honor-While a person's ideals cannot always be reached, striving towards them ennobles the spirit.  The best in us
comes out when we put ourselves into service of the people we love.

Ride a Giant!

Abe Lincoln-  Am I not destroying my enemies when I befriend them?

(meet my new friend, Mr. Fear)

Golda Meir- Don't be humble, you're not that great.

(Cocky is a rest stop on the road to Kind)

Charles De Gaulle-  Silence is the ultimate weapon of power.

(screaming and yelling has it’s place, but when you really want to bring the wood, crush ‘em with silence. )

Henry Ford-  Don’t find fault, find remedy.

(Hank had a ‘no whining” rule in his shop.)

Mahatma Gandhi-  No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.
(the Club doors are open)

Vince Lombardi-  In great attempts, it is even glorious to fail.
(which is nice, considering 99 out 100 great attempts fail. Gloriously!)

Optimus Barbarus-

Release the beast!
The most important thing we have is each other.  
The best way to get respect is to give it.
Spread cheer, not fear.
No one is ever alone.
There is no joy without pain.
Folks like your strengths, sure, but they love you for your weaknesses.
A team is one of the few things that is glorious just for being there.  
You are the star, and celebrities should worship accordingly.  
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The Beast
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