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MFL Pockets
Triple-Wide Scoop
Flat Scoop
The Flat Scoop gives
more 'Scoop to
Ground' ratio,
allowing for far
greater angles of
horizontal attack.  
More Data:

Old school scoops
are concave, like
shovels, artfully
crafted to pick up dirt.

Tribe7 Scoops are
designed to pick up
lacrosse balls.   

Not dirt.
The Scoop Width
yields a scoop area
dedicated that is 3
times that of
traditional heads.  
More Data:

designed to pick up
lacrosse balls across a
180 degree horizontal

knock balls out of
bounds when the edge
of the scoop hits them.
The mesh in a Sling
'floats' on slings,  
within the head.

The channel offers a
new level of shooting
and passing accuracy.

It also provides  
uncanny ball control.
The chute serves to  
reduce the pocket's
width, wherein the
mesh hugs the ball
like a little baby.  

The slings offers
faster passing and
shot speed,  because
of the sling shot effect
of the....slings!

The suspended pocket
serves as a shock
absorber (suspension
system!) against stick

Reverses effect of
2010 NCAA Head
Rule.  Sorry about
The Optimus7 NCAA/Universal Head has been designed for high-scoring at all levels of play.  
The Optimus7 HS Head has also been designed for high-scoring, for Pro's, HS, and even Youth.  

As in highly effective.  Goalies do not like them.  Not at all.  

They have 'trouble seeing' the head. Which, for shooters, is a very good thing.  

The good folk at the Royal Society in Great Britain published an article that helps
us understand why.

According to John A. Endler zebra stripe camouflage is a function of "disruptive coloration."  

Simply,  'disruptively colored elements (stripes) distract attention and break up the body
outline, making detection difficult."
(Thayer 1909; Cott 1940; Stevens & Cuthill 2006).

It is also noted that a study by Schaefer & Stobbe (2006) shows that the advantage of
disruptive patterns is greater when disruptive patterns have higher contrast.

Disruptive coloration has also been proven effective regardless of the background
coloration,  'exploiting predators cognitive mechanisms of prey recognition."

Copyright © 2006 The Royal Society

Competitive Bottom Line: our Zebra's heads' "disruptive coloration" is an
effective means of confusing the visual system,  serving to break up the head's
outline, especially when moving at speed.   
                      Tribe7 Top Twelve Competitive Advantages

1.        Unprecedented Hold and Ball Feel.  The enhanced feel and hold of our pockets allow for
greater freedom of motion. The High-Ball is only 32 grams,  versus 70 for regular mesh.

2.        'Phenomenal' accuracy-the most defined channel in lacrosse.  The slings don't let the ball go
anywhere but arrow straight.

3.        Round Edges create backspin that propels ball into pocket.  The round ball and edge interface
to create a gear effect that pops the ball in the pocket.

4.        Triple Wide Scoop--the triple-wide scoop triples the area of the stick dedicated to retrieving
ground balls.  And GBWG's!

5.        Picks up GB's from reverse angles.  you can attack ground balls that are behind you, between
your legs,  and even between your opponents legs.

6.        Faster Shots- We have 1200 data points,  comparing old mesh pockets with our MFL pockets,
that yield a statistical uptick of +7.7%  in shot speed for Tribe7 weapons.

7.        Rakes more effectively, The round edges allow for faster raking, as the gear effect shortens
the space required.

8.        The Flatter scoop combines with the flat ground to equal more ground balls.  The ground is
flat, not concave.  

9.        Shots and Passes from more extreme angles. The hold of the pocket allows you to whip your
stick into more extreme positions, at a faster pace.

10.       Gear effect allows for lateral ground ball pick up.  A ball at a 90 degree angle can be snapped
up due to the gear effect of the round edge.  

11.       Floating pocket is a shock absorber against checks.  The ball sits in slings, which bear hugs the
ball when cradling and when your stick is checked.

12.       MFL Mesh is 100% waterproof-no more sag in bag.   MFL Mesh is 15 times stronger than
steel..  The High Ball pocket is 61% lighter than a regular mesh pocket.
It's never a good idea to gallop into a tank battle,  no matter how trusty your horse, or sharp your sabre.  As
such,  we offer the highest performing gear on Planet Earth.  We offer high-tech 'tanks,'  in a sense,  that
make you a better player.  The Savage7,  Optimus7,Ghost7,  and our pockets and shafts offer
significant advantages,  right out of the box.    
Please Note that Gloves are $50.00
when added to Complete Sticks.

  1. Unprecedented Hold and Ball Feel.  33 gram pocket.
  2. Shots and Passes from more extreme angles.
  3. Floating pocket is a shock absorber against checks.
  4. MFL Mesh=Waterproof,  52% lighter than mesh pocket.  
  1. Picks up GB's from reverse angles,
  2. Rakes balls more effectively, when needed.
  3. Flat scoop combined with flat ground=more ground balls.
  4. Gear effect allows for lateral ground ball pick up.