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The Hi-Ball Pocket's hold
is simply doofy. And that
feel!  It's fires the ball
anywhere you want it to
go. Whip-free.  The
High-Ball pocket weighs
only 24 grams, versus 75
g's for regular mesh, and
the mesh is 100% water
resistant.  Faster shots,
and better check
absorption too!
Send us your head, any head,
and we will restring your
pocket for the way
you play.   
We will send it right back,
optimized, for $32.50.
The B-32 Face-Off Pocket
Tribe7 Lacrosse
305 East 11th St. 4B
NY, NY, 10003
Tribe7 is at the forefront of the Pocket Revolution, developing
competitively superior pockets for all positions.  Better hold, more
accuracy, and lots more feel. The more you feel, the less you think.
That's where the Glory is!
Custom Pocket Service

The Silk7 uses
SpiderMesh, cuz that's
what Spider's spin, Silk.
And that's how smooth
the SpiderMesh is the
thinnest, most
responsive mesh in

Responsive as in
Feedback, The ball tells
your brain what's up.  
Which reduces
thinking.  Which is
G-Web It!
Pocket shrinks the head
and provides an
incredible ball nest and
launching station.

It's not only fun, it's
super competitive.
The Silk7 Pocket
The Hi-Ball Pocket
The G-Web Pocket
The Top String  Pocket
Send us your head, any head,
and we will restring your
pocket for the way
you play.   
We will send it right back,
optimized, for $32.50.
A good pocket can be the difference between victory and defeat.  And it is a
variable that you can control.  Making it a lay-up that you should seek out the
best option for your game.  So here you go, the bestest, ever:
Brute force thinking has given
us the B-32 Pocket, the ideal
pocket for face-off athletes, as
perfected by the GregBeast32
himself.  It's highlighted by the
ball's easy exit, and a holding
shelf where the shooting
strings start.  
SpiderMesh is the lightest mesh in lacrosse.   Giving it the most feel, or feedback.
Feedback directly to your brain, which reduces thinking, which is huge!  

Superlight, each mesh piece weighs only 14 grams, the lightest in the game.
It's made from HTP fibers, and is thus weatherproof, retaining it's
shape in wet, hot, cold, whatever conditions.

And it's soft.  It's exactly what we needed to offer the benefit
of the Hi-Ball pocket with 'regular' mesh.
It's Phenomenal, right out of the box.
Click on Pic to Watch Silk7 SpiderMesh Vid
The Savo7  Pocket
Our new Savo7 pocket
adds some accuracy to
our By Appointment
Only Hold* pockets.
The ball nestles up real
high, and tight, and
goes precisely where
you want it to.

(*the pocket does not
consider attempts to
dislodge the ball
without an