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A Gamebreaker: The High-Ball Pocket and You
Goalies do not like our Zebra Heads.  Not at all.  

They have 'trouble seeing' the head. Which, for shooters, is a very good thing.  

The good folk at the Royal Society in Great Britain published an article that helps
us understand why.

According to John A. Endler zebra stripe camouflage is a function of "disruptive coloration."  

Simply,  'disruptively colored elements (stripes) distract attention and break up the body
outline, making detection difficult."
(Thayer 1909; Cott 1940; Stevens & Cuthill 2006).

It is also noted that a study by Schaefer & Stobbe (2006) shows that the advantage of
disruptive patterns is greater when disruptive patterns have higher contrast.

Disruptive coloration has also been proven effective regardless of the background
coloration,  'exploiting predators cognitive mechanisms of prey recognition."

Copyright © 2006 The Royal Society

Competitive Bottom Line: our Zebra's heads' "disruptive coloration" is an
effective means of confusing the visual system,  serving to break up the head's
outline, especially when moving at speed.   
"There's a force in the universe that makes things happen,  all you
have to do is get in touch with it. Stop thinking...let things
happen...and be...the ball."   Ty Webb in Caddyshack
Pokey McNutter
Attackmen do not like to be poke checked with
Savage7's. Because it's the stiffest head in the
game. As for Ground Balls, you can come in
vertically, to keep your long pole out of harm's
way. And it rakes real fast.  So rake first, accept
high-fives for clearing the ball second.  
Joe Fowler 2-Time
at Hofstra U.
"It's a Loose
Chris Hatton
Legend of
The Ultimate D-Pole
It's so light,
and yet so

G. Bennett
"It's Good to be King"
Mel Brooks
The Sceptre7 is nastily stiff for such a light head.
Screw it onto a  Beastmaster7 shaft and you've
the stiffness to make the checks count
.  We
recco the high ball pocket, so that you can snap
the ball off the ground faster as well.
"The Sceptre7 is
as advertised.
Stiff, light,
smooth, and
Nasty with the
MFL Hi-Ball.
Best one yet!!"

Scot Haynes
for U-11 D-polers:  $60.00