A Gamebreaker: The High-Ball Pocket and You
Goalies do not like our Zebra Heads.  Not at all.  

They have 'trouble seeing' the head. Which, for shooters, is a very good thing.  

The good folk at the Royal Society in Great Britain published an article that helps
us understand why.

According to John A. Endler zebra stripe camouflage is a function of "disruptive coloration."  

Simply,  'disruptively colored elements (stripes) distract attention and break up the body
outline, making detection difficult."
(Thayer 1909; Cott 1940; Stevens & Cuthill 2006).

It is also noted that a study by Schaefer & Stobbe (2006) shows that the advantage of
disruptive patterns is greater when disruptive patterns have higher contrast.

Disruptive coloration has also been proven effective regardless of the background
coloration,  'exploiting predators cognitive mechanisms of prey recognition."

Copyright © 2006 The Royal Society

Competitive Bottom Line: our Zebra's heads' "disruptive coloration" is an
effective means of confusing the visual system,  serving to break up the head's
outline, especially when moving at speed.   
(the best), and then we made your wishes our engineers commands.  You wished for a super-light NCAA/X head configured
NCAA/X Savage7, used primarily by middies and D-men.

The Ghost7 is designed for offensive players, of all ages. It weighs a mere 3.59 ounces (102 grams), the lightest head in the
game.  he upshot of the low weight is that, combined with our High-Ball Pocket, it’s a big leap forward in improved ‘feel.’  We
mastered ‘hold,’, and now we’ve taken ‘feel’ to the next level.  

Which will help you take your game to the next level.  Because, as with all our gear, it lets you tap into and ride your
instincts.  We are happily obsessed with high performance, and we know that  the best players are those that Ride the 85,
those who have released their inner beast. Increased hold enhances confidence, which gets you closer to your instinct.  
Increased ‘feel’ is all about instinct.  The more you feel the ball, the less you have to think about it.  Less Thinking=More
Instinct.  More Instinct=More Trophies. More Trophies=More Happy.  (see Sector7 on our website for more gobbledygook on
Riding the 85.)
"There's a force in the universe that makes things happen,  all you
happen...and be...the ball."   Ty Webb in Caddyshack
Pokey McNutter

We know that the Tribe7 story began over 500, maybe even 1000 years ago. When the game we love originated, in the
Tribes added the Tuscarora in 1720, becoming  the Six Nations.   The Seventh Nation?  Everybody.  

Tribe7 is a natural progression, representing the entire Lax playing Planet, the Universal Lax Family. That's why we say
Tribe7 is you. We're simply the big Tribe's equipment managers   Our job is to provide the highest performance gear, at
the fairest price.  Your job is to have some fun, and kick some butt with it.
Why are you prices so low?
We do not think they are low. The other prices are too high. That and we are a direct seller. We do not have the
'middlemen' and retail 'price markup' that other lacrosse gear manufacturers have. We recognize that our low prices do
not fall into the 'get what you pay for' paradigm that we generally believe in.  

We make the best gear.   Shouldn't we charge the most for it?  Shouldn't the best have a premium price? Absolutely!  A
Ghost7 with a High Ball pocket, with an Element7 shaft?  Reviewing the market, we should probably charge $300.00 per
stick.  Or $350.00. To make it more attractive.  Alas, we're on a Mission.....

Option #1

Step 1.  You must complete our obstacle course, which includes a cage fight with the Gimp, our head stringer.

Step 2.  If you get through the obstacle course, then you must take the US Air Force's final flight test exam, for F-18
aircraft carrier night landings.

Step 3. If you pass this, we will give you a piece of nylon string, and a sewing machine. If you turn the nylon thread into
gold, and sew us a nice hat fit for a king, we will give you the web address for Obamacare.  And provide a full refund.

Option #2

If your order is broken, or something is materially the matter with it, please return and we will replace immediately.  
If you simply want to return an unused head or stick for whatever reason you might have, there is a fee for restocking
and shipping and handling and stringing and unstringing and such.  Unstrung head fee is $6.50.  Strung head fee is
Any order that is defective and or breaks will be replaced once at no charge.  

Overseas Replacements Require a $12.00 shipping charge.

Return Address:

Tribe7 Lacrosse
305 East 11th Street, 4B
NY, NY, 10003

Higher performance, fairer prices, helps make a better, bigger, game.  Tribe7 was founded when a group of long time
lacrosse community members noticed that our that our beloved game’s equipment prices had gotten out of hand.  The
only real innovation we could find since we’d played in college was a quintupling in price.  Pretty much the same stuff, but
five times as expensive.  We did not like the idea that lax was becoming more like polo than soccer, cost wise, So we set
out to serve the community as it’s equipment steward. Providing the highest performance gear, at the fairest price. We
don’t like to talk pricing though, we prefer to discuss how to crush. How to crush the competition, on the field and off.