All Hail the Face-Off Athletes!  This is one of the tougher jobs in sports,
as well as one of the tougher jobs any which way.  It's a bit like wrestling
alligators in 100 degree heat, and it makes men out of boys real fast.
We've got the perfect set-ups for every face-off situation.  
Pinch and Poppers
Dominant Style-beats Rake
Beats the Pinch and Pop
Beats the Jam
Every Face-Off has a similar competitive dynamic,
the same as Rock, Paper, Scissors.  

The 'Rock' is the
Pinch and Pop, or Clamp, the dominant face-off
technique, that rewards fast hands.  'Paper' is the
Jam technique, that
neutralizes the Pinch and Pop. 'Scissors' is the
Rake, which can beat
the Jam, but tends to get 'smashed' by the Rock (Pinch and Pop).  

Simply, if you're facing Trevor Baptiste, your not going to want to out
Pinch and Pop him.  You're going to want to play Rock, Paper,
Scissors with him, attempting to disrupt his rhythm.  Which means
you start with the Jam, and then continue just like Rock, Paper,
Scissors, anticipating
and reacting, making it a mental duel as much
as a physical one.

It is best to have an arsenal of weaponry to win this duel, as different
heads are better at different tasks.  If you've got fast hands, then the
Ghost7 should win every time.  Or the Sceptre7, of you like something
a little stiffer.  (Ghost7-Duke, Denver...Sceptre7-Princeton, Syracuse)  
Same with the Beast7  (Johns Hopkins), which also serves well as a
Jam and Rake weapon.  

If you're up against a speedy handed fellow,  you're going to want to
start with a Jam, and the Sting7 (Virginia) is your ticket.   Maybe start
game out with 2 Jams with your Sting7, and then hit up your opponent
with a Pinch and Pop,  using the Beast7.   Then Rake him, also with the
Beast7.  Then Pinch and Pop him, using the Sting7.  

There's are many ways to dominate at the X.  Here are some stick
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