Goalies Deserve the Best: So Here It Is

And not because we say so.
It's a fact based thing.

We use 12 Diamond   
Tarantula Mesh, which, at
12.3 ounces, is Mega-light,
enhancing control and feel.

The pocket is perfect for
stopping shots, an
anti-rebound bucket that is
strung for accuracy, on
short as well as long
clearing passes.    
Check out the Winglets on the scoop, which not only snag more
shots, but directs them into the pocket.  The Teeth on the
scoop work great too, acting to secure, and then spin the ball
into the pocket on rakes.  The throat has multiple nodes for
extra grip, and rails to stop rotation.  
Add protection, and
confidence with our
Knee Pad, designed
Lacrosse, per the
standards of the
The Fort7 has the most surface area of any goalie head on the
market, 12.5% more than #2, which happens to be the top seller.

Check out the plate in the pic below.  That's how much extra area
the Fort7 has to stop flying rocks with. (balls)  
The Fort7 has the most
ball grabbing surface
area of any goalie head in
lacrosse.  12.5% more
space than the runner
up.  It's the same as
ng an 8 inch plate of
mesh to any other head.
As in more saves.

The Fort7 has winglets on
the scoop, that capture
more shots.

The Fort7 also has teeth on
the inside of the scoop,
to clamp more ground balls

The Fort7 has gripper nodes
on the throat, to reduce
head rotation.  
String your own
our Goalie Mesh Kit