"The ball got near the  
head, it sucked it right up!"

"It is like the best broken
in mesh, without it ever
"You should call it the
"Hoover" it sucks up all
the shots."
The Fort7 takes Goalie
heads to a new level.
It's not only superlight
and superstiff, it's got
winglets on the scoop to
clamp more ground
balls, and gripper nodes
on the throat to reduce
head rotation.  
T7 Knee Pads
standards of the Beast.
It's a superior pad because
we used silicon gel, not the
dry foam that most pads use.

And it's comfy, the gel fitting
snugly, keeping the  pad stay
up on the knee.  

We started out thinking that a
knee pad was a knee pad, and
then we made a better one!