The Competitive Advantages

1. The Hold.  We're not too big on believing the hype, but this thing's way past hype.  
Defensivemen are going to have to make an appointment to get the ball out. The meshis
3 diamonds wide, and the ball loves to sit in it.  

2. The Shot Speed:   Lucky for us,  physics is not hype. The higher the ball, the more
leverage, which equals more power, which equals more speed on shots and passes.  But
that's just a part of it.  Because the Slings act like a sling shot. Thus the SlingShute name.  
And the 10% faster shot.  

3. The Channel/Chute: the two black slings hold the ball like a newborn baby, and then
direct it straight out, without any whip, but with a bunch more speed.

4. The Weight.  There's not much too it.  The MFL Mesh floats on water as it is.  

5. The Waterproofedness. MFL is 100% waterproof.  As in no more sag in the rain bag.

6. The Suspension System: the pocket's 'barely attached to the head' nature yields a
chassis like effect, where the ball is protected from checks because blows to the plastic
head do not translate to the ball.  

7. The Catching: The suspension system makes for a soft pocket when catching, a good

Summary:  This pocket has more hold than any we have ever seen, allowing dodges and
shots from all angles.   It has greater shot speed than any we have ever seen.  It catches
like soft mesh.  It is deadly accurate,  and boringly consistent. (because of the channels.)  

Recommended For:  

Shooters and Dodgers  Attackmen and Middies who like to shoot from all angles at high
MFL Hi-Ball
Click on Pic for YouTube Video 'Gamebuster.'
Click on Pic for  Video on High Ball Pocket.