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The Sting7 has multiple
full-field competitive
including a short pocket
for faster shooting and
passing, a long scoop for
more GB's, and a power
nub for one handed
Cradle Control.
The Speed Raker
Level Of Play:  All levels.   
Size: NCAA/X-universally
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The Sting7 is expected
to be a top face-off head
in 2021.
Why?  Because the head
has an "Undeniable
Advantage." under the
new rules.

"The Sting7's notch
gives the head a
leverage point against
the opposing head... it
allows you to thrust
your sidewall
underneath the
opponent's sidewall
without your scoop
getting in the way.

"the shape of the upper
third of the head is
perfect for speed rakes."

Top Division One Coach:

"Our Faceoff Man  loved
it....We will employ in
the Fall...a game
changer for us."