We offer a six-month
replacement warranty  on all
of our purchased products.
The warranty covers breakage
during normal game play.  If
you contact us at:
and we'll arrange a
speedy replacement.

Shipping is free on all
items. Orders usually
ship within 24 hours.  
If it doesn't we'll try
and  e-mail you.
Dominate the X!
We believe that in order to
perform at the highest level
in all situations and
conditions, you should have
each of our heads.
BeastBundles make it a
little easier to satisfy your
high end competitive needs
Years of research, testing, and the
B-32 Pocket, the ideal pocket for
face-off athletes, as perfected by
the GregBeast32 himself.  It's
highlighted by the ball's easy exit,
and a holding shelf where the
shooting strings start.  
B-32 Pocket
T7 Knee Pads
The Tribe7 Knee Pad is  
specifically for Lacrosse, designed
per the standards of the Beast.
It's a superior pad because
we used silicon gel, not the
dry foam that most pads use.

And it's comfy, the gel fitting
snugly, keeping the  pad stay
up on the knee.  

We started out thinking that a
knee pad was a knee pad, and
then we made a better one!