Spider7 Mesh is the
most responsive
mesh in lacrosse.  
Almost interactive,
with Feedback
directly to your
Brain. Which
reduces thinking.  
Which is huge!  And
the hold?  Best
Proven Glory
We offer a two year replacement warranty on all purchased products. The
warranty covers breakage during normal game play.  If you break a shaft or
head, contact us at:
rob@tribe7lax.com and we'll arrange a speedy replacement.
Domestic Shipping is free
on all items. Orders usually
ship the same day via USPS
Priority or First Class Mail.
International Shipping:
A $12.00 surcharge is
automatically added in
the shopping cart.
Total D-Domination
Our D-Pole is a Titanium-Scandium
infused 60" shaft that also ranks
"Best In Class." 42" available for U-11.
High Performance Pockets
PayPal Option
available in
Shopping Cart
60"Defensive Shaft
Rule the Field
What is Tribe7's Mission?
We are here to serve the Lacrosse Community by providing the Highest Performance
Gear at the Fairest Prices in the Land.  We are the wall for our game, rampart style,
and our Mission is to prove that Tribe7 is You! So far, so good.
The Element7 is a super light,
136 gram, super strong, Ti-Sc
infused, Attack/Middie Shaft
that ranks as "Best in Class."
There is a perfect balance
between strength and weight,
and this is it.

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42" long, 15" tall and 15" wide, you can
easily stuff all your stuff in the Stuffer7.
The Stuffer7 Bag
We believe that in
order to perform at
the highest level in
all situations and
conditions, you
should have each of
our heads.

BeastBundles makes
it easier to satisfy
high end competitive
Sizing Info:
Knee Circumference
10-12 inches = Small
12-14 inches = Medium   
14-16 inches = Large
16+    inches = XL    
Our Knee Pad is  
specifically for Lacrosse,
designed per the
standards of the Beast.

It's a superior pad
because we use silicon
gel, not the dry foam
that most pads use.
For Express Overnight
Shipping, Please add
the cost below to Order:
Ghost7 v Ghost7 in NCAA Final
T7 Knee Pad
Beast7    Ghost7   Sceptre7
The Future is Now
Designed by
The GregBeast
Spider7 Mesh uses
100% HTP Polyester
Fibers, so it's
Weighing 9 grams,
SpiderMesh is the
lightest mesh in lax.
And it does not bag
out.  Making it
The latest Gorilla7 takes
carbon composite shafts
to an even higher level.
Superlight, at 140 grams,
for greater feel and speed.
We Love to make Custom Heads! If you've got a logo, or an idea, we'll make it
happen on a lacrosse head.  Click on the pics above to go to Custom Head page.
Element7 Ti-Scan
30" Attack/Middie Shaft
Custom Heads
Each Order contains 2 Pads
Shop by Position
Shop by Tribe7 Recommendation
Our 30 inch Titanium enhanced 7075
Alloy Shaft.
Our Pockets Provide Significant Competitive Advantages by Increasing
Hold, Feel, and Accuracy. Reducing Thinking.  Which Increases Instinct.  
Which means more Glory.  
The superlight, superstiff Fort7 takes
Goalie heads to a new level.
The Fort7
Strength and Durability?  The
Gorilla7 has a Kevlar layer, atop
the Carbon layer. As in we might
as well warranty it forever.
The Armor7 Arm Pads
The Armor7's designed  
maxes out the 3 primary

Protection: Hard-Top
Silicon Gel Pads offer
Armadillo style protection.

Flexibility: 102 Flex-Pad
Grid offers no resistance

Comfort: Superlight
Breathable  Compression
Sleeve actually feels great.  
               Sizing Info
Grade School Arm = Small
Middle School Arm = Medium   
High School Arm = Large
Weight Room Arm/Husky = XL       
Clear the Runway and Prepare for Launch!
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